Studio March

The Making of a Galaxy

So our app Endless has a situation when the curation service is taking a break or is under maintenance.

Rather than show users a boring error page, we wanted to show a trippy Endless journey. We dreamt up something like this.

Please check back later

Which was cool in video, only super math-y to implement in code. We didn’t want to learn a physics engine and implement particles. So over lunch, we broke it down—

What does this thing have?

Many many stars.

They're moving in different directions.

Some get bigger as you go near them.

Some are faster, some are slower. This is starting to look good.

And finally, a little background gradient. Space-like coolness. Nice.

This solution is quite basic (mostly vanilla JavaScript and CSS), but with a little bit of tweaking you can make it look like Christmas.

Check out Endless and follow us on Twitter.

Happy holidays everyone!